Missing Direction

120 x 120 x 120 cm / 18 kg
7 mm steel wire
Hot shaped
Black lacquered

The sculpture shows the outline of two ’Missing Pieces’ made from thin steel wire, looking much like a pen-and-ink sketch. The two parts are placed at right angles to one another, interwoven and combined into a single element. 

When one of the parts is viewed in profile its shape can be seen clearly, whereas the other part is hardly visible. When the angle is rotated slowly, both parts become a chaotic jumble of lines. Certain bits are recognisable but the overall coherence is lost.  If then the viewer should look 90 degrees around from the original position the second part suddenly becomes clear, though by now the first part will have vanished. Turning further round, this new clear image now disappears.

The same can happen when an idea comes to mind. A thought develops and takes shape. It is easy to understand and there is a sense of harmony and logic. Suddenly from nowhere there is doubt, then confusion and chaos. One’s bearings are lost. At best some scraps of the thought remain, but only fragments. Nothing fits together from what a moment ago was completely clear. Then hours later, or seconds (or perhaps never at all) the idea returns, the thought falls into place and structure and logic are clear again.

So too is it when we look at the sculpture, as it turns once more through 90 degrees.