IKARUS - The flight of fancy
Sculptors' Symposium

22 - 30 July 2023
WOLF-WERK - Hall 109
Open Call (Deadline: 01 June 2023)

The Icarus myth is generally interpreted in such a way that the crash and death of the cocky man is the punishment of the gods for his brazen grab for the sun. At the same time, however, it also stands for the father-son, or generation conflict.

Both metaphors fit extremely well into our time. On the one hand, as an image for our technical, strongly consumerist flight of fancy, the end of which may well be a possible crash. On the other hand, the rise of Icarus can also be seen as a symbol of youth exploring new things against the wisdom of old age that keeps us in the middle.

Steel sculptor Georg-Friedrich Wolf takes up the figure of Icarus, which has repeatedly been the inspiration and subject of artistic, scientific and technical creations in European culture, for the second Wolf-Werk Sculptors' Symposium in July 2023.

Sculptors from all over Europe are invited to express themselves in their material, be it steel, stone or wood, on the theme "IKARUS - The Flight of Fancy" and to benefit from the synergies of the symposium. Cross-material experiences as well as the interplay of materials under mutual inspiration and/or assistance are also welcome.

In the historic Hall 109, the Wolf-Werk in Darmstadt, three to four sculptors will come together over a period of eight days for creative exchange and joint work on different sculptures.

The theme "IKARUS - The Flight of Fancy" is to be explored in its sculptural and thematic meaning. Artistically, the most diverse variations and the most diverse themes are conceivable: "Flight up or flight down, and everything before and after. Father-son relationships, thoughts of escape...", says Wolf, "because let's not forget that the wings were also tools for escaping from captivity!

At the end of the symposium, the works will be presented at a three-day closing event with open studio, artist talks and an exhibition of the works created during the symposium.

Ab Mittwoch, 26. Juli, jeweils 17 – 19 Uhr
Interessierte können den Entstehungsprozess der Skulpturen verfolgen

Samstag, 29. Juli, ab 21 Uhr
Late-Night-Performance von Kunstfabrik Darmstadt e.V.-Künstler*innen dm richmodis und Gunilda Wörner

Direkt im Anschluss an die Performance und am Sonntag können in der Abschluss-Ausstellung die Werke bewundert werden. 

Sonntag, 30. Juli, 15 Uhr
Künstlergespräch mit der Berliner Kulturmanagerin Anemone Vostell 

Project Management:
BAM! Berlin Art Management – Anemone Vostell
In cooperation with:
Sculpture Network