Wolf’s steel sculptures tell us nothing about the artist himself, remaining as he does behind the abstract forms of his work, and yet they are also very personal. ‘The Missing Pieces cycle is the history of my life. I have travelled in the Arabian world, in Asia and in India, and reinforced by my interest in history have begun to reflect on such issues as communication, the history of mankind, tolerance, and mutual understanding between nations. This exposure to so many different influences has brought me to the theme of the Missing Pieces.’

Even with his decades-long knowledge of steel and how it can be worked, Wolf takes no part in manufacturing his pieces, choosing instead to use outside specialists to complete the process. ‘It is important for me to keep away from the physical creation of the work – that way I can keep it in perspective. My role is to conceive an abstract formulation of these great questions such that they can then be transformed into a physical object. I find it fascinating if I can transform a thought, or a feeling, or a problem into a design. And if an outside viewer should formulate his own feelings and thoughts in the presence of one of my works, even if from a completely different point of view from mine, that is an equally fascinating event.

If I were alone on a desert island I am sure I would be doing just the same things, even though there was no one else to see them. And because my own perceptions can change over time, I often find I look at one of my pieces later on in a completely different light from when I first created it. The earlier perceptions condense and take on a force of their own. I want to set in motion that process of thinking about communication, within myself and within other people, which leads on to new work. I am quite certain that in ‘The Missing Piece’ there are other works about which we do not yet have the slightest idea. The exploration of this theme is by no means complete. It’s only just beginning.’


WOLF, Georg-Friedrich

*1962 in Freiburg
Lebt und arbeitet in Darmstadt / DE


Meisterbrief als Metallgestalter
Berufung zum Restaurator für historische Metallarbeiten
Reisen durch Europa, Naher- und Mittlerer Osten, Amerika und Indien
Auf diesen Reisen internationale Zusammenarbeit mit zahlreichen Künstlern und Ausstellungsbeteiligungen (u.a. in Ann Arbor / USA und Tel Aviv / Israel)
1990 - 2018: Atelier für angewandte und bildende Kunst, Hofgut Habitzheim / DE
Seit 2019: Atelier und Projektraum „Halle 109“, Darmstadt / DE



„Halle 109“
Einweihungsausstellung Atelier und Projektraum
Gast: Bildhauerin Menakshi Nihalani (Indien), Darmstadt

2018 / 2019

Kunst trotz(t) Ausgrenzung“, Diakonie Deutschland
Gedenkstätte KZ Osthofen
Dominikanerkloster und Domplatz Worms
Städtische Galerie, Hannover
Brüdernkirche, Landesmuseum Braunschweig
Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin
Wirkbau, Chemnitz
Documenta Halle, Kassel
> kunst-trotzt-ausgrenzung.de


„Torso Reflections“, Neue Galerie, Berlin
> Neue Galerie Berlin


„Odyssee“ am Kanzleramt, Berlin
> Odyssee Kanzleramt


„The Missing Piece“, Deutsche Oper, Berlin
> Deutsche Oper Berlin


Skulpturenpark Mörfelden, Kommunale Galerie - Stadt Mörfelden-Walldorf
> kommunalegalerie.de


Festival Oranienstein, Schloß Oranienstein, Diez a. d. Lahn
> Oranienstein


„The Missing Piece“, Museion, Bozen / IT
> Museion Bozen


Budersand, Sylt
> Budersand

2013 / 2014

Zabeel Saray, Dubai / VAE


Squaire – Foyer KPMG, Airport Frankfurt a. M.
> Squaire - Airport Frankfurt

Land Art / Performance


„Odyssee“, Hofgut Habitzheim / DE


„Shipsoul“, Golf von Alang / Indien


„Fingerprints“, Destination Art, Seiseralm / Südtirol


„Strandgut“, Budersand, Sylt / DE

Kunst am Bau


„Nacht und Schimmel“, Freie Technische Universität Darmstadt


„Fingerprint IV“, Altes Elektrizitätswerk Brandenburg, Vireq Software Solutions


„Welle“, ASEO Bensheim


„Engel“, Engel-Apotheke Darmstadt


„Kornkreiskrone“, Campino Hochhaus Darmstadt


„Archimedische Schraube“, Hauptverwaltung Merck-Darmstadt / DE


„Online“, Hauptstelle Volksbank Rüsselsheim

Arbeiten als Restaurator / Gestaltung von Kirchenräumen

Portaltüren der Stadtkirche Walldorf, Weihwasserbecken und Opferleuchter St. Ludwig in Darmstadt, Jugendstilbad Darmstadt, Hochzeitsturm Darmstadt, Jugendstilensemble Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt, Toranlage Orangerie Darmstadt, Rekonstruktion Brachtlüster im Rathaus Limburg, u.a.